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Go With The Grainª

A one-stop carcass data source

Producers shouldn’t have to worry about getting data back on feedlot cattle. Silver Creek Feeders believes customers have a right to know about the individual cattle they feed. The Total Performance Information Program (TPIP) puts that belief in action.

The TPIP program is unique to Silver Creek Feeders and gives producers a one-stop source for feedlot data. The yard works with producers to collect information on cattle coming into the yard and adds more detail to the report up until harvest.

The final product gives producers an opportunity to track cattle and add value to the herd by adjusting management over time. Reports are divided into three components:

Arrival report – Developed by the feedlot with help from the producer to assess the condition and quality of cattle as they come into the yard. The report contains information from the ranch and delivery into the feedlot:
- individual ID
- hide color
- sex
- breed of sire and dam
- birth date
- average weight at the ranch
- delivery date
- delivery weight
- % shrink
- body condition score
- trucking costs to feedlot

Reimplant report – Data collected in this report comes at the time cattle are reimplanted at the yard. Producers have the opportunity to help the feedlot collect additional information that might have been unavailable as cattle entered the yard. The report adds unique information to the arrival report:
- reimplant weight
- disposition score
- additional arrival data

Final report – Valuable financial, feed efficiency and carcass information can be added to the reports after the cattle are harvested. The feedlot will add the final values to the report and send it to the customer:
- harvest date
- days of age
- days on feed
- final weight
- feed to gain
- feed intake and costs
- average daily gain
- treatment information
- hot carcass weight
- dressing %
- fat cover
- ribeye area
- Yield and Quality Grade
- base price and grid premiums/discounts
- retail value analysis

Silver Creek Feeders works with producers to make the report as complete as possible. The service doesn’t stop there. Follow up with customers is essential.

When producers understand how the data can be applied to herd management decisions and improve future calf crops everyone makes more money at feeding cattle. More work at the feedlot translates into more dollars for the owner; another example that “goes with the grain.”

You can receive a TPIP sample report by going to our contact page, filling out the appropriate information and marking the TPIP information box.

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