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Pen Size
To better address the different needs of our customers, pen sizes range from 80 head to 200 head.

Yardage, markup percentages, chute charges, pharmaceutical markup, and projected cost of gain can be obtained by contacting our office.

Client and Feedyard Services

Silver Creek Feeders offers hassle-free cattle and/or feed financing at competitive rates without transfer of ownership or release of financial information.

  • Cattle
    - 70% of the actual market value of the cattle
    Prime rate
    - Promissory note required
    - Monthly statement

  • Feed
    100% of the feed
    - Prime rate
    - Monthly statement

Retained Ownership
Silver Creek Feeders encourages beef producers to retain ownership through our Total Performance Information Program®. With the data collected through TPIP, producers can accurately determine the economic contribution of each animal in their herd and monitor management practices.

Feeding and Nutritional Programs
Our current feeding program is closely monitored by our consulting nutritionist and consists of a highly efficient, cost-effective ration with the following ingredients: dry corn, ground dry alfalfa hay, fat/molasses blend, liquid protein supplements and corn gluten. Also included in the ration is a complete vitamin and antibiotic package that addresses the specific nutritional needs of each category of cattle on feed.

Animal Health Programs
Our animal health program is a highly advanced program that addresses every possible health situation in a methodical manner from treatment to prevention. Treatment regimes are carefully studied and antibiotic sensitivities are monitored by our consulting veterinarian to insure proper treatments.

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