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Go With The Grainª
When considering a feedlot, location is key.

Located in the heart of cattle-feeding country, Silver Creek Feeders offers you low-cost, high-quality feeds, moderate temperatures, and the best marketing options for your cattle.

Feed Costs 12% Less than in the High Plains

Silver Creek Feeders is positioned in the middle of the Corn Belt. For many years Iowa has been the undisputed leader in corn production. Our fertile soil combined with adequate precipitation produces the lowest-cost, highest-quality feedstuffs in the country. Our customers benefit from feedcosts that average 12% less than in the High Plains.

Mild Climate

The Midwest is known for its moderate climate. We lack the bitter cold and wet of the north and the extreme heat and dust of the south. This means your cattle won’t be standing in mud during the winter, nor will they be at risk for dust-induced pneumonia and heat stroke during the summer. Also, according to historical data provided by Iowa State University, cattle are most comfortable and gain most effectively in temperatures at or near 45 degrees. Our average temperature is 48 degrees.

Unmatched Packer Access

Silver Creek Feeders lies within 150 miles of six major packers. When IBP-Denison, IBP-Dakota City, Monfort, Excel, Nebraska Beef, and Greater Omaha need cattle to harvest, they come to the yards nearest their plants where they can be assured of the quality and condition of the cattle. This packer confidence results in better than average bids from the end buyer.

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