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At Silver Creek Feeders, we take pride in running a family business that focuses on integrity, knowledge and stability. Our family has been feeding cattle in this location for three generations; we’ve built success on creating strong relationships with our customers, no matter if they are a long time cattle feeder or a first-time retained ownership customer. In every case, our goal is to help our customers identify and capitalize on economic opportunities to maximize profit and secure long-term sustainability in this business. Silver Creek Feeders can take you in the right direction for several key reasons:

Our geographical location. Our close proximity to six of the country’s leading packers gives our customers a competitive edge when it comes to marketing and transporting your cattle. We are also located in the heart of the nation’s corn country, with 13.9 million acres of corn grown in Iowa last year. That translates into lower feed costs for you, and competitive gains for your cattle.

Alliance programs. Silver Creek Feeders recognizes the need to maximize returns on your investment. We pay close attention to premium programs and as a result are excited to announce we are now an approved feedlot in the ABS Global Verified Beef Program. The program meets all of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Process Verification Program (PVP) standards.

This gives us the flexibility to get age- and source-verified premiums for your calves when they are managed through our PVP. Also, when buyers come looking for your black-hided calves they will be easily sourced through our CAB affiliation. Packers typically pay an age- and source-verified premium of $20 to $30 per head.

We are committed to the environment. Silver Creek Feeders is committed to environmental protection and economic sustainability. For three generations, our family has been an effective steward of the land and our natural resources.

We are continuously looking for ways to maintain and improve environmental quality in ways while lowering our operating costs.

We recognize the importance of the consumer. Ultimately, our livelihood depends on the consumer, who wants a quality and safe eating experience every time they buy beef. They want to know where their product came from, and be able to trust that it was raised in a humane and responsible way. Working together we can provide a safe, wholesome product for consumers.

Silver Creek Feeders welcomes your inquiry. We are committed to agriculture, our customers, and the cattle business and look forward to being a part of your success.

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