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Go With The Grainª
We all know of someone who has fed at one of the super-sized feedlots and come away confused and frustrated by the experience.

Size Does Matter

Wherever you house massive amounts of cattle there is going to be a heavy reliance on employees. And no matter their position or profit-sharing package, they cannot provide the level of care and feeding for the cattle like that of the feedlot owner.

Because of our small size you can be confident that the people caring for your cattle are not just employees and overseers but the owners. By having the same person riding pens, the result has been a lower than industry average death loss rate and shorter recovery time.

We Are Family

Silver Creek Feeders is a third generation family owned and operated feedlot.

In 1927, a newly married Harry Husz purchased a tract of land in southwest Iowa near what is now Treynor, Iowa, from his bride’s father. Despite hardships and setbacks, Harry and his family were able to flourish and grow the operation.

Harry’s son-in-law, Robert Chambers joined the operation in 1949. Robert shared Harry’s enthusiasm and they worked together for nearly 20 years. Robert became a pioneer in land stewardship and conservation. Under Robert’s direction, a feedlot expansion plan with an emphasis on conservation was implemented.

Today, the legacy continues with Harry’s grandson, Roger Chambers. Roger has been feeding cattle for more than twenty years. His ingrained understanding, progressive attitude, and accessibility have made him one of the most successful feeders in Iowa. He has served on numerous committees for the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Roger continually works to be a low-cost producer whether it’s through his implant and preventive health programs, supplementation programs, or forage production.

Roger works tirelessly to keep our customers informed. He communicates with our customers regularly and visits their operations many times a year. He provides our customers with the one-on-one attention they deserve and appreciate.

Read "Old Fashioned Progress," the Angus Journal article featuring Silver Creek Feeders.

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